Focused on the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and specifically the interplay of three major hurricanes: Irma, Jose and Maria. This photo essay aims to collect resources and bring awareness to the needs and of the many affected by these storms.


The Fujiwhara effect is a meteorological phenomenon where two tropical cyclones converge into each others rotational circulation. Although none of these recent storms actually converged into each other creating an orbital super storm Irma and Jose and then Jose with Maria influenced each others paths and intensities. Their combined effect concentrated a humanitarian emergency instead of atmospheric pressure.

Over the last few weeks the greyscale and fluidity of everyday life for millions turned increasingly binary; evacuate or stay behind, destruction or inconvenience, even the calm before the storm. That's why I chose to share these images in black and white, only portraying the occurrence or absence of light. These photos are a distraction, the meager silver linings of a passing cloud, and are meant to entertain and hopefully put you in a good mood to donate to the necessary relief projects.

I have chosen to donate to Waves for Water and Unicef because of their swift and broad response to the multiple locations in need of help and their high ratio of donated monies being used for the charities cause and not the operation of said charity. Selected prints from this series are for sale with proceeds being donated Waves for Water and Unicef.

Purchase one of these photos as a reminder of the common bond of human resilience and all the silver linings in life. Links to these charities follow the photos essay as well. Please donate even if it is not through these means.

Purchase one of these selected prints from BINARY TROPICAL CONVERGENCE and the proceeds will be donated to the Waves 4 Water non profit, and Unicef. You can read more about their programs for current hurricane relief.