Tracey & I started dating while in college. I attended the University of Florida & Tracey the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale & Los Angeles. After graduating & living in South Florida and the Big Island of Hawaii, we returned to our roots & hometown of Melbourne Beach, Florida.

          My first foray into photography came from an old weatherproof film camera my mother gave him in High-School; mainly just messing around, taking pictures of streetlights in the rain, out the window of a moving car with long exposures . I'd get really interesting light trails and things like that. Image manipulation would follow in the music industry where I designed album covers, concert posters and websites for 10+ years. During that time photography started to eclipse music as my main artistic endeavor. The first real gigs and published material outside of music was in surf photography, it combines a love of art with the natural world. Naturally moving into portraits & weddings I fell into the role of photographer & editor. I love shooting happy people in natural light.

          Tracey's experience with photography & imagery comes more from her business acumen & academic training, receiving her degree in Fashion Marketing. She has trained & worked in Southern California's hotbed of beach fashion & e-commerce; collaborating on look-books, web-stores, product shoots, lifestyle shoots etc. While equally comfortable behind the camera, Tracey shines when working directly with clients, styling, posing and tweaking body movements and clothing to make sure every shot is set up beautifully. 

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