First time in Mexico, filming for undisclosed project. Had a few moments to snap some shotz.

jj tondo

Met up with some friends in Aguadilla for the length of one Carl Hiaasen novel. There wasn’t a lot of swell, but the trades provided some clean ones in the morning. Plenty of scenery to take in.

Cameras in order of use

1976 Pentax Asahi

1968 Nikonos II

Canon 5DIV

jj tondo
Sargassum Slow-Down Shuffle

A postcard from a few charming days in Florida. Sargassum Slow-Down Shuffle is a short film inviting you to break focus, and lose yourself in the colorful haze of the short-lived, subtropical Winter. Featuring Saxon Wilson, Produced by Endless Sea, Filmed in and around the original East Coast Surfing mecca of Cocoa Beach, Florida; November 2018 through February 2019.

jj tondo