Last Winter Swell, Last Year

Winter in central Florida last year fell outside the norms. We had been in drought, temps never fell below 70 and there was a lot of west winds. All good things! The ocean was crystal blue and even the troubled lagoon was clear enough to snorkel ( much different a year later ). The season went on, warm and sunny, with plenty of small clean swells, but nothing in particular worth mentioning, Then word trickled down of NW wind event that could set up well and would probably be the last of its kind for the year.


The morning didn't set up well, with heavy fog and an above average high tide, but the mid morning sun started to burn the fog heading north and then revealed light offshore winds and beautiful turquoise waters. Driving over the inlet bridge, whispy white outlined swells lined the beaches.

The Lopez brothers had met here as a halfway spot with some friends from South Florida, Pete Mendia & his son, Abe Allouche from Island Daze and local JT Graves. Knowing the area well, they made well on their choice of sandbar and we had the spot to ourselves.

Here's a gallery of shots from this day at the Inlet, and not so secret sandbar action, and the original ESM article that featured a few shots -

Our Brand Is Fun: Lopez, Mendia, Knowlton Send Postcard From Florida.