A little about myself. I enjoy traveling, surfing, hiking, diving, fishing, kayaking... you get the point. My first foray into photography came from an old weatherproof film camera my mother gave me in High-School; mainly just messing around, taking pictures of streetlights in the rain, out the window of a moving car with long exposures . I'd get really interesting light trails and things like that. 

       I earned my Bachelors degree from the University of Florida in 2009. My focus was on Cultural Anthropology with a minor in History. I find the perspective attained through my research and studies helps frame the way I see the world, even well after leaving the academic world behind.

       Continuing a long standing tradition of abandoning careers and common sense for rock and roll after graduating college is where I learned to self-motivate, music and video production and image manipulation, advertising, marketing, PR and essentially how to operate a living brand. It was some of the most difficult and rewarding times of my life, but it wasn't a long term life solution with someone with a lust to wander outside the boundaries of cities with marketable ticket sales.

      Back to Florida, Boca Raton to be exact. Coming from Central Florida, SOFLO, as it's affectionately called is definitely looked down upon, as less "core." So it would be an unlikely place from to find myself surfing perfect, crystal clear blue waves, spearfishing for dinner, attaining a captains license, earning lifeguard of the year in Fort Lauderdale (while teaching thousands of kids to swim), and after years of amateur photography and band related image manipulation, getting my first surf photo published with Eastern Surf Magazine. I had just broken my hand surfing and took to shooting some friends while i was relegated to the beach. I was hooked.

       To round things up prematurely I would go on to move to Hawaii, work on a boat, shoot serious surf with more publishings and brand related content to follow. After creating a well rounded portfolio, moving back to Florida again and starting an imagery production business with my wife, focusing on weddings and surf. That leaves me here in front of the keyboard nursing an ankle injury in March 2018, another injury sustained from surfing. You can find me easily in the digital sphere, but after this ankle rehab I'll most likely be down on the south side of Sebastian Inlet.

A brief list of notable past clients and collaborators:
Surfline.com, E! News, Eastern Surfing Magazine, Broadcast Music inc, Freesurf Magazine, College Media Journal, Firewire Surfboards, The Inertia Magazine, Mashable.com, National Public Radio, The Independent Florida Alligator, WGN-TV, Electric Eyewear, Captain Fin Co, Oneill, The City of Fort Lauderdale, Billabong International,  Salty Crew, Mayhem Surfboards, Florida SpaceCoast Tourism Board, Anarchy Eyewear, Salty Crew, Olukai, Lost Enterprises, Ovan Vision inc, Lira Clothing, On A Mission Surf inc, Proctor Surfboards, The Shane Dorian Keiki Classic.